Monday, December 19, 2011

Royal Bengal Rahasya Movie Video (Making) Download link - Preview Review and PIctures

Royal Bengal Rahasya’s team shooting at Dhenkanal Rajbari...

Sandip Ray’s upcoming movie ‘Royal Bengal Rahasya’s cast and crew are shooting at the Dhenkanal Rajbari. The Rajbari is located on a hilltop in the heart of a jungle. The view from the Rajbari is incredible. The forest has elephants, deer and few leopards. There’s a small water body just at the back of the Rajbari and that’s the only water body in the forest, so all the animals come there! The team was in Dhenkanal for 20 days and every day there used to be some exciting activity. One night it rained a lot and the next morning there were small snakes all over the place!
There were snakes in the bathroom, balcony, and backyard and just about everywhere. We were all scared but we had to shoot! The sequence was in the garden of the Rajbari and just when the team began their shooting they spotted the dead skin of a huge snake. Bibhu Bhattacharya was too scared.

The crew had great fun in shooting for the film, the youngest actor Topshe (Shaheb) played pranks on the senior actors with the director’s permission. In Royal Bengal Rahasya people will see a quieter Topshe because he observes more here. Everybody is trying to deceive everybody, so Topshe keeps an eye on everyone, informed the actor. The crew will now shoot in Kolkata in this month, then they will start for north Bengal. The climax of the film will be shot in Bolpur.

Royal Bengal Rahasya Movie is going to release on 23rd December 2011

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